Reviewing an Application

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Using Research Logix, applicants who are interested in becoming apart of a center will be required to submit an application. Administration will receive applications, and then assign reviewers to provide input on their submitted application. This guide will walk you through the review process of an application.


Evaluation Request Email

If you have been chosen as a reviewer of an application, you will receive a direct email from The subject and text of the email will vary from account to account - as the text has been set specifically by the administrator.

The email will conclude with the name of the applicant, and also a direct link to the application for review. You will not need to be logged into Research Logix to access the evaluation. Each evaluation request will have a dedicated link which will connect the reviewer to the application.


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Viewing the Application

After selecting the direct link, you will be routed to the submitted application. The application portal will consist of the following areas of interest:

  1. Applicant's Name and Contact
  2. Launch the Evaluation for the Application
  3. Submitted answers for assigned application questions
  4. Direct links to view uploaded documents
  5. Digital footprint of application actions



Submitting your Review

After you have reviewed the application information and uploaded documents, you are now ready to review the application. To launch the evaluation form, click Submit my Evaluation (2)

After clicking the Submit my Evaluation button, the evaluation will be loaded on the left side of your screen. Evaluation questions vary depending on the questions set by the administrator. To complete the evaluation, record your input in the provided fields. When you are ready to submit your evaluation, be sure to click the Submit Evaluation button.

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Making Revisions to your Answers

After submitting your evaluation, you will receive a visual confirmation on the screen that your evaluation has been submitted. If you need to make any changes to your input, you can reload the evaluation by following the same steps as above. When reloading the evaluation, you will see the date and time of your last submission. Make any necessary changes, and then click Submit Evaluation, again to save your entries. 

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