Managing Evaluation Questions

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As an administrator, you can set the Evaluations for your assigned reviewers for submitted applications. This will allow you to determine the overall outcome of if an application will be accepted or rejected. The following guide will walk you through the creation of your questions.


Accessing your Evaluation Questions

The Evaluation Questions are tied to your Membership form. To access the questions, click Manage Forms (3). 




Once you are viewing the list of your current forms, click Actions next to the form you would like to edit Evaluation Questions for. Then select Evaluation.


Screenshot 2024-02-10 at 2.45.43 PM.png


Your evaluation will be presented to your reviewers so that they can effectively evaluate submitted applications. The evaluation manager is split into two primary secitons:

  1. New Questions 
  2. Current Questions




Adding a New Question to the Evaluation

To add a new question, use the editors provided to record:

  • The question you would like to ask
  • If you would like to elaborate on expectations, you can use the Question Description, which will provide text below the primary question
  • Select the Response Type, which will determine the field type and options presented to the reviewer
  • Indicate whether a response is required, or not

When you have completed the fields, make sure to click Save Question (3)


Editing a Question

After a question has been saved, it will appear in your list of Current Questions. If you would like to edit the existing question, click Edit, in the Question Block that you would like to edit. If you would like to remove the question altogether, you can click Delete. It will then be removed from the evaluation.



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