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The Application Collection & Review is a feature of Research Logix that will allow administrators to easily create a Membership Application Form, collect applications, facilitate reviews, and approve applicants into their centers. 


From CCSG » Tools, navigate to Application Collection & Review


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After clicking Application Collection & Review, you'll be directed to the Applications page, which is where you will be able:

  1. View all submitted application
  2. Interact with a single application, for the purposes of assigning reviewers, viewing the submission, and setting the final application outcome
  3. Creating & Managing your Application Form




In this help guide, we will cover the following topics:

  • Creating & Managing a Form
    • Form Creation
    • Managing Application Questions
    • Creating and Managing Documents for Upload
    • Creating Welcome Page
    • Creating a Confirmation Page
    • Assigning a Point of Contact for Questions from applicants
    • Assigning Administrators for Application Review
  • Interacting with an Application
    • How to access your created form
    • Submitting an application as an applicant
  • Submitted Applications
    • Reviewing Submitted Applications
    • Assigning Reviewers
    • Setting Evaluation Email Solicitations
  • Application Evaluations
    • Managing Evaluation Questions
    • Reviewing an Application as an Evaluator
    • Reviewing evaluations as an Administrator
  • Outcomes
    • Setting Acceptance Email Text
    • Setting Rejection Email Text
    • Assigning a Final Outcome


Video Tutorials

If you would like to view our video tutorials for Membership Application & Review, please see the resources below.


Creating & Managing your Forms

Application Submission & Admin Review

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