Assigning Reviewers

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After reviewing the application for completeness, you are now ready to assign reviewer(s) to review the application. To assign reviewers for a specific application, click the Reviewers tab. This will take you to the assigned reviewers for the application, if you have already assigned them, or you can add a new reviewer.


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To assign a new reviewer, click Add Reviewer. This will open a modal where you can use a reviewer's name or email to assign them access to review the application. Note: in order to assign a reviewer, they will need to be linked to your account (i.e. in the Member Repository or listed as an administrator for the account).

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After selecting the reviewer from the search results by using email or name, select the Reviewer Type from the dropdown which is found below their name. After selecting, make sure to click Save. After saving, their name will appear in the list of active reviewers, and will have a status of Pending Review.


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Before sending out the evaluation request to the assigned reviewer(s), you'll need to make sure to:

After updating these settings, you can click Actions » Notify to send the Evaluation Notice to a single reviewer, or click the Send All Notifications, which will send Evaluation Notices to all assigned reviewers.

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