Interacting with Participants

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Once participants have been added to your Grant Prep Workspace, you can begin interacting with them to acquire information.


Participant Actions

For every participant that has been added to your Grant Prep Workspace, you can easily access information that has been added by them, or administration. Clicking Actions next to the participant will provide a quick link list to view their profile and EDGE (Biosketch).

Additionally, the second set of options will allow you to:

  • Notify » Send a solicitation to them to get updated counts and information
  • View Answers » View the latest answers that have been entered in for the participant
  • Manually Record » If you choose not to use the internal solicitation tools, you can manually record answers for the participant


From the Actions menu, the final option, is Remove. This will remove the participant from your Grant Prep Workspace. It WILL NOT remove them from your member repository, so that you can access them in the future.


Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 9.59.19 AM.png


Participant Statuses

Everything is tracked in Research Logix. When a solicitation is sent to a participating faculty member, it will record the date and time that the solicitation is sent. Each time you notify the participant, an email is sent to the faculty member with a dedicated link to record information about their profile and trainee counts. 

The participants table above will show entered information for the participant including their Assigned Department, contact information, the last date that the questionnaire has been sent, and the last time a response has been recorded by a participant.

If no solicitation and/or response has been recorded, it will be labeled with a Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 10.19.52 AM.png


Profile Update and Trainee Counts Solicitations

Research Logix has standardized response templates to acquire information related to the Grant Prep workspace. There are NO PERSONAL IDENTIFIERS requested of faculty or affiliated trainees. The Grant Prep Workspace is only used to acquire aggregated counts of participating faculty and trainees.






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