Professional Activities

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The Professional Activities section can be used to record any other items you would like to showcase that do not directly fall under the other categories provided. This ad hoc section allows you to freely catalog other professional activities that you are or were directly involved in.



Adding a New Item

To add a new item to this listing, click the New Item button at the top of the module. A modal will launch and will allow you to record information that applies to this data type. After you have entered all the required information, click the Save button to apply to your profile.




Editing an Item

To edit an item, click the Edit button next to the item that you would like to update. Once selected, a modal will launch with information that pertains to the item. Make any necessary changes, and click the Save button to confirm.




Deleting an Item

To delete an item, follow the same steps as above in Editing an Item. Instead of making changes and saving, use the Delete button to remove the item from your profile.

Articles in this section

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