Educational Degrees

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You educational degrees will be used to track where you have attended before and after a training program. Entering this information here will make your educational degrees available in EDGE as well. Both EDGE and Educational Degrees in the Career Track module are interchangeable. If managing in EDGE, they will immediately be reflected in Career Track.




Adding a New Degree

To add a new degree, click the New Item button at the top of the module. A modal will launch and you will be able to record the degree information including:

  • Degree Type
  • University
  • Field of Study
  • Degree Date


After filling out the form, click Save to record your degree. 


Editing a Degree

To edit a degree, click Edit next to the degree record you would like to edit. A modal will launch with the degree's information. Make any necessary changes and click the Save button to make the changes. You will receive a visual confirmation, and the degree information will be updated on the table.




Deleting a Degree

If you wish to delete a degree, follow the steps above for editing a degree item. Instead of saving, use the Delete button to remove the degree from your profile.

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