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Publications can be directly imported from PubMed and applied to your profile. Once linked to your profile, publications will be available for you to use in your NIH Biosketch. Also, publications that are linked to your profile can be used by administrators and coordinators to identify co-authored publications with your mentor(s). 


Viewing/Importing your Publications

Publications that have been linked to your profile will show up on the Publications module of Career Track. Also, upon entry, Research Logix will search PubMed, based on your name and affiliations to suggest new publications for import. Each title is a direct link to PubMed for you to view additional information about the publication.




Publications that have not yet been linked to your account will appear with a checkbox next to it. To import the publication and apply to your profile, select the publication(s) you wish to import, and click the Import Selected button.


Using a Specific Search to Import Publications

If you would like to search specifically for a publication that is not found in your profile, you can use the search tool to locate the publication by Title, PubMedUID, or PMCID. Enter the criteria in the provided search bar, select your search preference, and then click the Search PubMed button.


When the results are loaded, Research Logix will indicate with an icon if the publication is already linked to your profile. If it is not, a check box will be provided. Select the publication(s) and click Import Selected to apply the publication to your profile.

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