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Position information is important for administrators and coordinators to see how training has advanced your professional career. Within the Positions module of Career Track, you will be able to catalog your current and previously held positions. Similar to Education, items recorded on Career Track will immediately be available in EDGE for you to use in the creation of your Biosketch. If you are managing positions in EDGE, they will become available in Career Track.




Adding a Position


To add a new position to your profile, click the New Item button at the top of the module. This will open a modal for you to record your position information. Fields will include:

  • Position Name
  • Employer
  • Begin year
  • End year
  • Position Description
  • Position Category - (Primarily Research, Research Related, Further Training, etc.)

Add all information, and click the Save button to apply to your profile.


Editing a Position

To edit a position, click the Edit button next to the item you would like to update. Clicking the button will open a modal with the position's information. Make any updates, and click the Save button to apply.




Deleting a Position

If you would like to delete a position, follow the same steps as Editing a Position. Instead of saving, click the Delete button to remove the position from your profile.

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