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The following guide will help you identify how to categorize your investigator's status in Research Logix.


The following menu can be accessed from a Research Logix Investigator profile:

Select Investigators » Settings



RLOGX MEMBER STATUS (INACTIVE) » Prevents NEW member data from being imported in the system

AUTO IMPORT PUBMED PUBLICATIONS (INACTIVE) » Prevents NEW pubs from coming into the system for author

INCLUDE IN PUBLICATION REVIEW (INACTIVE) » Prevents a user from being included in Publication Solicitations



Cancer Center Members (CCSG Module)

All of the reporting (CCSG Members, Publications, and Funding) could potentially include inactive members since these reports rely on the member’s CCM Program dates


Member Reporting


Scenario 1:

An investigator (Member A) has recently left their role within a research program on 7/1/2022. You adjust their end date of their Cancer Center appointment (Investigator » CCM » Research Program Assignment). 

If a CCSG Members by Account report is run for present day (9/1/22 – 9/1/22), then Member A would be excluded, because they have no active appointments in this range. However, if you run a ranged report for pubs or membership with a larger date range (1/1/22 – 9/20/22), then Member A would be included, because their appointment in the Research Program would have existed in that time frame.


Scenario 2:

You have a member who is no longer a cancer center member, but they are still active in the department. You want to continue gathering info on pubs.


You would:

  • Add an end date to the research program based on their last date as a cancer center member
  • Keep all 3 Member Settings above as “Active”


Scenario 3:

A member leaves the organization altogether

You would:

  • Add the end date to the Research Program assignment (if they have one)
  • Set all 3 Member Settings to “Inactive”



Member Repository » Investigators vs CCSG » Members

The new feature of Investigators (blue) vs Cancer Center Members (orange) in RLOGX focuses on your Cancer Center Member assignment in the CCM tab. This is directly connected to the CCSG Module.




Investigators - can be anyone you want to track publications for

CCSG Members - specifically for an investigator who is (or was ever) a Cancer Center Member



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