Managing your Participants (Participating Faculty)

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The power of the Grant Prep Workspace is the capability to centrally manage participants and using integrated data points and solicitations to tie your information together. The Participants section of the workspace allows you to view, add, edit, and remove participating faculty in your grant.


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When you first start your workspace, your participant listing will be blank. To add a new participating faculty member, click the Add Participant button. This will open a modal where you are able to add an existing faculty member from your Member Repository or add a new faculty member. 


Click here to learn more about your account's Member Repository


After clicking Add Participant, a modal will appear for you to either search for and apply an existing member in your repository, or an option to add a new member to your repository.


Adding an existing member to your repository

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Research Logix has built-in intellisense to quickly link Research Logix profiles. When adding an existing member in your repository to your Grant Prep Workspace, use their name or their email address to quickly find them. As you type, their names will appear for you to select. When you've located the faculty member, click on the name and click Add Selected Participant. If the faculty member cannot be found, then that means that they have not yet been added to your repository. 


Adding a new member to your repository

If a faculty member cannot be found, click the Create New Faculty Record button. You will be required to enter just the basic information about the faculty member including first name, last name, and email address. These fields are required to create a Research Logix profile. The email is used for when you are sending the faculty a questionnaire regarding their Trainee Counts.

Enter the information and be sure to click Create & Apply as Participant for them to be added to the participants list.


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Proceed to Interacting with your Participants




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