What is EDGE?

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EDGE stands for Electronic Documents Generated Easily. EDGE was one of the first modules created for Research Logix. Both researchers and administrators alike struggle with keeping their Biosketch information and the overall template current. Storing file-based copies of researcher Biosketches in a shared drive opens up a lot of opportunities for content to become outdated and non-compliant.

EDGE can dynamically generate the NIH Biosketch by using a templating system and user-identified EDGE data items. When updates to the NIH Biosketch occur, we update the template to apply to all currently stored EDGE Docs. This allows both researchers and administrators to focus on content, and not format.





When managing an EDGE Document, you will be conducting all of your work within the EDGE Console. The EDGE Console is split into 5 distinct panels of operation:

  • EDGE Document Sections
  • EDGE Doc Items
  • Previewer
  • History
  • Actions


EDGE Document Sections

Every template in EDGE is organized by document sections. For the NIH Biosketch, it is split into the primary content items. When working within a specific section, it will be highlighted in the left navigation. Clicking on the section will load EDGE Doc Items for selection in the EDGE Doc Items panel.



EDGE Doc Information

The EDGE Doc Information section is your top-level document information. This is metadata that is set such as Document Title, Description, EDGE Doc Template, visibility settings, and tags for reporting.


EDGE Doc Biosketch Header

The Biosketch Header section sets global settings for all of your saved EDGE Docs. This includes your displayed name, position/title, ERA Commons User Name, and Full Link to your full publications listing on MyBibliography. Changes here will be reflected on ALL of your Biosketches.


EDGE Doc Items

Every section of the EDGE Document is displayed on the the left navigation. Clicking on the section will load content specific to that section. Using a selection tool, you can include/exclude items from your EDGE Doc. When making updates, the Preview Window will display a simulation of what your Biosketch will look like when printed.



Selecting/Removing Items to be Included in EDGE Document

Each EDGE Doc Item will consist of a standard layout. When an item has been selected, it will be highlighted like below. Additionally, selected items will have an option to Highlight. Highlighting EDGE Doc Items will override the standard sorting order of the section so that the highlighted items will appear at the top of the list.


The EDGE Doc Item is a toggle tool. If you click Select on an unused item, it will be included. If you click Select on a used item, it will be removed from the EDGE Doc.


EDGE Doc History

To provide a digital footprint of all activity on a Biosketch, the EDGE Console has a history panel. The panel will show the action that took place, the date/time of the action, and who did the update.



EDGE Custom Sections

Sometimes you may need to include items on the Biosketch that do not fit in a specific section. EDGE has a Custom Section where users can create a new section and add custom items to be displayed.






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