Getting to know your Research Logix Dashboard

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Research Logix Dashboard

When you create a Research Logix Profile, you are given your own personal Research Logix Dashboard. Your profile allows you to:

  • manage your Research Logix Profile
  • maintain your NIH Biosketches using EDGE
  • manage your publications
  • view & manage your Training Program history
  • manage research career data points for Training Program reporting efforts







The left navigation controls easy access to the primary areas of your profile. 



Dashboard Modules

Your initial screen will contain summarized data for your profile which will give you quick access to manage your items.



Research Tag(s)

Research Tags are used to track your research interests. These tags are used throughout Research Logix for reporting and cataloging research focus. We plan on using these tags as a method to improve collaborations within the Research Logix Network. Feel free to add as many research tag(s) as you'd like. The more concise, the more opportunities to get you connected to more resources.


Latest Publications

When new publications have been added to your profile, you will see the most recent in the Latest Publications module. These publications can become linked to your profile as a result of auto importing from an administrative account, or being manually imported through the EDGE Biosketch Generator. To view all your publications, use the left navigation and select Publications, or use the View All Publications link at the bottom of the module.


Grants & Funding

When research projects have been added to your profile by you - or an administrator - your recently added projects will show here. To view all funding, use the View All Funding link at the bottom of the module.


EDGE Library

EDGE is an internal module within Research Logix that will allow you to create and manage your NIH Biosketches. You have unlimited access to create as many Biosketches as you need. Simply tailor your Biosketch to meet the need for your research application. 


Research Funding & Training Applications

These two modules are currently in development. Research Logix will eventually provide application submission and internal review components for both Training and Funding Opportunities.


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