Importing Publications from PubMed

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Research Logix interacts with PubMed to automatically draw in publications for review for investigators linked to your account. Our daily process of importing occurs each morning at 4 AM EST. 

In the event that you would like to refresh publications from PubMed outside of that automatic process, you have the opportunity to run an "On Demand" import from PubMed for your account.


Running an On-Demand Import from PubMed

  1. From the Publication Workspace Dashboard, click: Import Pubs (PubMed)


  2. PubMed publications are identified and imported into Research Logix based on Publication Date. In the text box provided, please enter the number of Days Back you would like to pull in publications. For our automated process, we use a 365 day back window. 


  3. After the importing process concludes, you will receive a confirmation of the number of new publications imported into Research Logix. You will also have a notification of pending reviews on the Publication Workspace Dashboard, under Unreviewed Pubs


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