Publications Workspace Dashboard Interface

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The Publications Workspace will allow administrations to effectively collect, curate, and report on investigator publications. There are several components developed to interact with publications. The Workspace is split into 6 primary sections:

  1. Publication Workspace Primary Navigation
  2. Importing
  3. Settings & Assignments
  4. Publications Review
  5. Reports
  6. Exporting




1. Publications Workspace Primary Navigation


The Publications Workspace Primary Navigation will allow you to navigate to the primary areas of the workspace.

  1. Workspace : The homepage/dashboard home of the Publications Workspace
  2. Unreviewed Pubs : Newly imported publications that are pending review by administrator(s)
  3. Reviewed Pubs : Publications that have been vetted by administrators and are actively used in Publication Reporting
  4. Author's Queue : Publications can be marked as needing more information from individual authors such as additional publications properties and/or shared resource utilization.
  5. Leadership Review : Publications can be reviewed by Research Program Leadership. Leadership Review allows for creating filtered publications by date range and Research Program
  6. Data Dump : Quick extraction tool to get all publications and affiliated assignments.

2. Importing Publications


Publications can be imported directly from PubMed or a selected internal publication source. They can also be imported in the form of a CSV. 


3. Settings & Assignments


The Settings & Assignments section allow users to:

  • define data points for reporting
  • defining publication filtered terms to enhance publication reporting
  • assign journal impact values
  • and more


4. Publication Review



This is the primary section of the Publication Workspace. Once publications are in Research Logix, this section is used to review publications and make additional assignments for reporting needs.


5. Reports


There are several pre-packaged reports for administrations to use to run on publications added to Research Logix.


6. Exporting


Exporting allow administrations to extract all data in a collection and use in external programs.



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